Simply order and pick up.

You're in a hurry? Prefer to eat at home or on the go? With Sashimi Sushi, you can save valuable time. Use our ordering app and simply pick up your order at the desired time!

Choose one of our restaurants, whether at the train stations, the airport, or on Mönckebergstraße. Our fantastic team is ready to prepare your order with care. And, of course, you can let your imagination run wild here too and create your own dishes to your taste with our 'Create your own' option.

Let us deliver to you from HBF and MÖ.

Let us deliver to you from HBF and MÖ. Not everyone enjoys going out in all weather conditions, and we understand that. You don't have to leave your home to enjoy our exquisite sushi. Stay on the couch, put your feet up, and relax while you wait for Sashimi Sushi to deliver your desired Soul Food, adding the perfect touch to your cozy TV evening. Perhaps you have guests over, but you don't have enough or the right food in the house? Then elevate the occasion with the extraordinary dishes from Sashimi Sushi. Our products will make you shine as the perfect host. Ordering is simple through Lieferando, Wolt, and UberEats!

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