Corporate culture

Corporate Mission Statement

Sashimi Sushi sees itself not only as a sushi restaurant; we aim to be a role model for our industry on the path to the future. In the Hamburg market, we were not only the first sushi restaurant, but thanks to our corporate mission statement, we have also maintained a strong presence for over 25 years. As they say, we've always had a steady course. We at Sashimi Sushi take great pride in this.



Our vision is not only to promote healthier eating in the fast-food sector with our high-quality health food but also to connect people through the culinary exoticism of our dishes. The constant flux of times, with its challenges and crises, challenges us to face it with curiosity, interest, and innovation.

We are aware of the issue of climate change. Sashimi Sushi addresses this by utilizing all available means within our scope to make our business environmentally sustainable. Additionally, we promote economic sustainability by choosing regional suppliers whenever possible. Our team represents a multicultural coexistence that dismantles prejudices and demonstrates that different cultures can learn from one another and coexist harmoniously.


Our mission, therefore, consists of the following:

• Ensuring our contribution to addressing climate change by reducing food waste and energy consumption, minimizing waste generation, and using environmentally friendly materials, while transitioning to reusable containers wherever possible.

• Ensuring the highest quality of our ingredients, while also striving to source products locally whenever feasible.

• Promoting cultural inclusivity and combating all forms of discrimination.

• Continuously reassessing our goals to ensure their adherence.

• Through these principles, we aim to set a positive example for our industry and inspire other restaurateurs to rethink their practices. Together, we can achieve so much more!


Thus, Sashimi Sushi defines the following values and principles that define us:

• Environmental and economic sustainability for climate and justice

• Innovation and a commitment to quality

• Openness and acceptance of other people

• Willingness to accept criticism and reliability

Sashimi Sushi sees the synergy of these values as the foundation for its success in the past, present, and future. The proper alignment of these values has proven to be a recipe for success, perhaps even the best recipe we have ever devised.


At this point, we would like to express our final gratitude to all our customers and, above all, our employees and partners such as Hamburg Airport and suppliers. Over the course of 25 years, many people have accompanied us on our journey and have contributed to making us the successful company we can look back on today. Undoubtedly, there are some who are no longer with us. In their honor, we would like to quote a Japanese mourning phrase from the 7th century, which also fits quite well with our Nordic spirit.:

In the sea of life,
sea of death,
weary in both,
my soul seeks the mountain,
where all tides recede.“

We hope you have found this mountain. We at Sashimi Sushi say 'Thank you very much' and keep you in our hearts!

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