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Would you like to get in touch with us? We are always happy to receive praise and criticism. And of course about getting to know you. A big city does not necessarily mean anonymity. We welcome you with open arms in our family and find that customer proximity can only be an advantage, especially in the catering trade. In addition to all the other things, this is what sets us at Sashimi Sushi apart from our competitors.

Getting in contact with us is very easy. We respond to letters, e-mails, calls and of course we are always happy to talk to you personally on site. No matter what the issue, if we can help, we'll do our best. Your feedback is essential for this, so your opinion is important to us. Even if something is not to your satisfaction, we depend heavily on your experience in order to improve. Because of course we would like to keep you as a guest!

Sashimi Sushi City GMBH
Sierichstraße 32
22301 Hamburg
Telefon: 040 – 63 60 64 18
E-Mail: office@sashimi-sushi.de

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