Welcome, Konnichiwa, and Aloha to Sashimi Sushi!

We are Sashimi Sushi - the first sushi restaurant in the Hamburg market. We opened our first sushi restaurant in the Wandelhalle of Hamburg Central Station in 1997. Since then, we have not only tirelessly worked to improve our offerings and dishes, but we have also continued to grow and have evolved into a successful company, of which we are quite proud.

And it is this company that we would like to introduce to you on these pages. We hope that, after gaining a closer insight into Sashimi Sushi, you can understand our pride and even say to yourself: 'Wow, these guys have done it just right; others could learn a thing or two from them.' Because we have set some high standards for ourselves and are eager to be a role model for competitors in our industry.

To achieve this, Sashimi Sushi relies on innovation, zeitgeist, and quality. These three pillars have certainly guided us through many crises and will undoubtedly continue to be a safe haven for us, not only in Hamburg, in the future. With the establishment of our subsidiary, Sushi Supply, we have successfully made sushi, once reserved for more upscale society, appealing to younger generations.

By now, you can find us at Hamburg Airport, in several train stations, on Mönckebergstraße, and soon in even more locations!

Sashimi Sushi - the success story

Expanding its target audience allowed Sashimi Sushi to tap into a new market that was steadily growing. Moreover, the previously established conservative market underwent significant changes in recent decades. Sashimi Sushi recognized this early and adapted to the evolving circumstances in a timely manner. With vigilant eyes, we identified and harnessed the potential within the societal shift.

The expectations of guests were continuously rising, which posed challenges for many restaurateurs. In our long-standing existence, we have witnessed many restaurants come and go. However, as our own standards have always been very high, Sashimi Sushi has consistently been able to fully meet the needs of our guests.

And because we are just as curious about exotic products as our customers, we have always been able to lead the way with new trend products early on, such as our delicious and healthy bowls. Our desire to offer healthy fast food existed long before the rise of the mega-trend of health.

At Sashimi Sushi, you'll find delicious and healthy bowls, hot pots, sushi, desserts, and more!

Sushi ist Urlaub

Furthermore, our products are very dear to us. For us, sushi is not just a meal; it is a living culture. At the same time, the pleasure of sushi transports us to another world. It is distinct from typical German cuisine. Sushi is not something we eat every day; it's a reward for ourselves, offering the variety of different flavors. In this sense, Sashimi Sushi is also a bit like a vacation.

When we go to a Chinese, Spanish, or Italian restaurant, it's not just because we find the food delicious. Although that's certainly a part of it, the whole experience carries with it the magic that a vacation offers. We remember how we sat by the Mediterranean during holidays, with street musicians playing for us and crickets chirping by the roadside. While not everyone may have been to Japan, eating sushi expresses a certain wanderlust, the desire to leave home, explore new things, and embark on adventures.

This feeling resides within all of us, whether young or old. For some, it's merely a wish they set for themselves, while for others, it's the memory that recalls past experiences. For us at Sashimi Sushi, it's a joy when we can evoke these emotions and memories with our dishes.

Sashimi Sushi - Demands of a New Era

That sushi and our bowls are healthy goes without saying. To achieve this, we prioritize absolute freshness and the finest quality when selecting our ingredients. However, another aspect posed challenges for Sashimi Sushi, and we had to seek solutions. While environmental protection is not a new issue, the urgency of the climate change issue is becoming increasingly apparent to humanity.

Here, too, we have always strived to be pioneers and role models. We select our products from the region whenever possible, so at Sashimi Sushi, we do our best to be environmentally and economically sustainable. And for products that have a longer delivery distance, we set the highest standards for their production. Not only does our fresh Norwegian salmon undergo strict quality control, but even the waters in which it is raised are crystal clear.

We opt for farm-raised salmon to counteract overfishing of the oceans. Our containers are all environmentally friendly and plastic-free. Additionally, we offer an appealing reusable program, through which we can collectively protect the environment. Among our dedicated guests, we have had the privilege of counting Greta Thunberg.

We owe this, not least, to our numerous efforts in the field of climate protection, including

Abandoning plastic in our packaging

Practical reusable system

Fight against food waste

Awareness of ecological and economic sustainability

And much more, because even in very small aspects, there is much room for improvement.

Sushi on-site and at home only from HBF and MÖ.

You can enjoy our dishes in one of our numerous Sashimi Sushi branches as well as at home. In our state-of-the-art sushi stores, you have the option to order at one of our terminals or through an app at your table. However, if you prefer, we are more than happy to serve you in person."

However, if you prefer to take advantage of our Sashimi Sushi delivery service, that's not a problem either. You can place an order on our website, and our friendly drivers will happily bring your meal right to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can also pre-order for pickup. Additionally, we offer catering for your event, optionally with our own sushi master chef.

If you're not very familiar with sushi, we at Sashimi Sushi also provide a small sushi lexicon on our website. Here, you can learn more about our products and discover some fun facts. On our other pages, we not only provide information about our products but also about additional services, our company philosophy, and our heartfelt project for children with cancer.
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